Lastest Updates:
The Asante Foundation is a social venture fund that invests financial and managerial support in social business start-ups in Kenya. The foundation was founded in 1998 and has great experience in working with rural entrepreneurs in Kenya. At inception, it was known as Pope Foundation and registered in the US. The organization was to later to be renamed as known today. Asante Foundation was founded by entrepreneur, Louis Pope who is also the founder of US Synthetic. Over the years, the organization has grown to socially impact thousands of local entrepreneurs in Kenya and improve their lives.

Our Approach

Hundreds or even thousands of rural producers in Africa are assisted to find better markets outside the country.

Our MIssion

Make strategic investments in key agro-forestry sectors where we can add value to out-grower and small-holder farmers through education, financing and market linkages.

Our Vision

Improve the lives of rural families in Africa through sustainable enterprise creation