Board of Directors

Founder - Louis Pope

Veteran entrepreneur and social innovator. Louis founded US Synthetic, a $400 MM manufacturing and engineering company in the US making diamond cutters for the oil and gas industry. He has spent years living in Africa managing enterprises for the foundation. MBA and BA in Mechanical Engineering. Louis has founded many NGO’s and sits on numerous boards including Unitus and Choice.

CFO - Troy Holmberg

Troy graduated with distinction from the Johnson School at Cornell University with his MBA. His undergraduate degrees are in Finance and Spanish. He spend 13 years at US Synthetic as the Director of Engineering Good and Social Innovation, improving lives in the community through STEM Education and building the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators. US Synthetic is the world leader in diamond solutions for the energy industry with nearly $400 MM in annual sales. Troy has founded several social enterprises including Coast Coconut Farms and Basa Body. He serves on several international boards and has a passion for social entrepreneurship.

Taylor Mackay

Taylor currently works for doTERRA in strategic sourcing as the manager of their raw material portfolio in Africa. He helped develop and implement doTERRA’s Co–Impact sourcing strategy which focuses on creating shared value with disadvantaged farming communities. He works closely with farmers, cooperatives, NGOs, and distiller organizations around the globe to implement socially and environmentally responsible sourcing strategies. Prior to joining doTERRA, Taylor was Asante's Director of Operations in Kenya. Taylor has lived and worked with various social enterprises in several countries including India, Paraguay and Uganda. Taylor's holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University, a certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania, and will graduate with a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oxford in 2017

Eric Pope

Eric is VP of Operations at US Synthetic and manages 900 employees. He has an MBA and is a Mechanical Engineer and has been critical to leading US Synthetic to be the world leader in PDC diamond cutters. He is an expert at cultural transformation and continuous improvement in operations and leadership. He is an expert teacher.

Jason Fairbourne

Jason graduated from the London School of Business with a masters and is a former faculty at BYU in the business school. He is the founder of Motiis and Bamba Water, social enterprises in Kenya. He has extensive consulting experience at the BOP.

Rob Galloway

Rob is CEO of US Synthetic and a Mechanical Engineer. He has successfully lead US Synthetic to win the prestigious Shingo Prize for operational excellence. He is a master of continuous improvement and lead US Synthetic from sales of $100 M to $400 M and 900 employees in 4 years.