Founder’ Story – Louis Pope

Louis is a veteran entrepreneur and social innovator.  In 1978, Louis founded US Synthetic, a $400 MM manufacturing and engineering company in the US making diamond cutters for the oil and gas industry.  He set the business up as an employee-owned company and eventually employed nearly 1,000 people in Utah and created a Shingo Award-winning lean manufacturing operation.  When he retired from US Synthetic, he turned his passion for entrepreneurship to helping the poorest of the poor to pull themselves out of poverty using business as the tool to help them find self-reliance.  In 2000 he founded the first social business, Yehu Microfinance, that would be part of the Asante Foundation family of enterprises.  He has spent years living in Africa founding and managing these enterprises for the foundation.  He has an MBA and BA in MechanicalEngineering.  Louis has helped found many NGO’s including Unitus.  His passion is in social enterprise, helping the rural farmers to become more productive so they can significantly increase their incomes to become self-reliant.  His business philosophy is informed by his faith.  His family and 30 grandchildren are growing up as global citizens determined to be change-makers in this world.  That is his true legacy.

"Wealth is a temporal asset but an eternal liability. We are all equal in potential and worth. The greatest waste is to underestimate human value"

Louis Pope
Asante Foundation

Past Enterprises – supporting farmers

Yehu Microfinance serves 40,000 rural Kenyan women entrepreneurs with capital to start and grow their microbusinesses.

Coconut Farms is an organic coconut oil mill designed to create employment  for both farmers that harvest coconuts and employees who process the coconuts and press the meat into an edible oil for export. It employs 150 Kenyans and provides livelihoods for 1,000 farmers.

Mwamose School Project launch 16th August 2016

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Baseline Socio-Economic Survey of Majoreni Region in Kwale County

Baseline survey was conducted in Majoreni and Kiwegu sub-locations in Lunga Lunga Sub-county, Kwale County. The study was undertaken within a five Kilometers radius from the Asante Ginger Farm in Mwamose Village, covering a total of twelve villages, in the two locations of Vanga and Pongwe Kidimu.

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