Wood Processing Value - Stream

We have three wood processing operations—saw mills, veneer and plywood plants.  Once trees are mature and harvested, they are taken to our saw mill to be sawn into timber for construction, or they are taken to our veneer plant to be peeled and used as core veneer.  The core veneer is then used as sheets, glued together to become plywood.  Any excess biomass can be utilized as a sustainable source of materials for charcoal and briquettes.

Sawn Timber Value - Stream

We use state of the art saw mill equipment from the United States and Canada to create precision sawn timber.  We sell the timber in bulk both domestically and internationally.  Our wood is mainly used for construction, windows and doors  as well as  furniture. 

Core Veneer

Asante will own the first of its kind core veneer and plywood plant in Kenya.  Asante uses specialized equipment to peel our trees, creating very thin sheets of wood.  These sheets can be used in a variety of products, primarily as the interior layers of plywood.  There is tremendous demand for our products in Africa, China, India, and the Middle East.  We have partnered with one of the largest wood dealers and saw mills in the Gulf Coast Region and India to distribute our products

Core Veneer Value - Stream

Plywood Value - Stream

Our plywood factory will be online in 2017 and will provide this high-demand product to East Africa, India and the Middle Eastern markets