Asante owns hundreds of acres of eucalyptus plantations on the south coast of Kenya.  We plan to plant over 2 million trees on land-banked community land by 2019.  These tree farms and the out-grower wood lots will provide the raw material supply needed for our wood processing operations.  We grow only trees that coppice, meaning that they will regrow after harvest.  We are committed to leaving a legacy of millions of trees in the communities where we work.  By using sustainable forestry techniques and teaching sustainable forestry to our out-growers, we hope to make a positive impact on deforestation in Kenya.

The Trees We Grow

Why These Trees

  • Fast-growing with straight trunks 
  • Drought-resistant and pest-resistant
  • High timber yields and profitable
  • Stumps can regrow repeat harvests providing decades of income
  • Partnership with Kenya Forestry Research Institute to identify commercially-viable trees
  • Multiple markets with growing demand both domestically and internationally
  • Provides valuable support to key sectors such as manufacturing, construction and energy (for tea, tobacco, lime and cement industries)
  • $1200+ per acre revenue

Eucalyptus - The Giving Tree

Melia Volkensii & Teak Wood

Teak is amongst the most valuable and sought-after tropical hardwoods

  • Excellent grain with beautiful texture which is prized for furniture, doors and flooring, especially in India and the Middle East
Melia Volkensii is a tree indigenous to Kenya which has only recently been domesticated by KEFRI
  • Stumps can regrow (coppice) repeat harvests providing decades of income
  • Fast-growing (12 years) with high commercial value for lumber
  • Multiple medicinal uses for tree
  • Asante Tree Farms is cultivating these trees and encouraging community planting where appropriate
  • $1800+ per acre revenue

The Life Cycle of the Tree