At Asante we strive for a triple-bottom line impact.  Our goal is to improve lives.  We measure our impact on people, planet and profits.

Impact Key Performance Indicators

Ave Earnings Per Year $3.5 MM
Income per acre/farmer $1800/acre
# Employed (including farmers self-employed) 3,500
% Children enrolled in school 100%
# Home Improvements (tin roof, latrine, water pump etc.) 3
$ Saved per farmer (incremental) $200
Tons of carbon removed from atmosphere 10,000
Acres of natural forest saved from deforestation 10,000

Mwamose School Project launch 16th August 2016

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Baseline Socio-Economic Survey of Majoreni Region in Kwale County

Baseline survey was conducted in Majoreni and Kiwegu sub-locations in Lunga Lunga Sub-county, Kwale County. The study was undertaken within a five Kilometers radius from the Asante Ginger Farm in Mwamose Village, covering a total of twelve villages, in the two locations of Vanga and Pongwe Kidimu.

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