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What We Do

Asante is a sustainable agro-forestry company, providing a business solution to rural farmers in Kenya.  Agro-forestry, or forest farming, intentionally integrates trees together with agricultural crops in a system to create environmental, economic and social impact. Our core products are tropical hardwood trees and agricultural crops grown primarily for their essential oils.   View  Our Products



How We Do It

We use an innovative “land bank” concept to partner with marginalized, rural communities whereby the community donates land and Asante plants high value trees, intercropped with cash crops such as ginger and moringa.  Food crops such as maize and legumes do well when grown underneath the nitrogen-fixing trees.  These large community farms provide jobs and food for rural families along with long-term wealth as profits are shared upon harvest between Asante and the community.  View “Our Innovations”


Asante specializes in value-added processing to capture as much value as possible of each crop to return income to the famers and rural communities where we work.  Our innovative approach raises farmer incomes over 5 times and will plant 2 million trees in Kenya by 2020. View “Our Impact”



Why We Do It

Our vision is to improve the lives of thousands of rural families in Kenya by creating sustainable agri-businesses that address the critical gaps small-holder farmers’ face, primarily access to crop financing, value-added processing, and most importantly, connection to markets.  Our goal is to increase farmer incomes and improve food security and environments in marginalized communities through profitable, sustainable agro-forestry enterprises.  Most importantly, we improve farmer productivity.  We reinvest a portion of sales back to the communities we work in with water, education, microfinance or other projects identified by the community.  The funds are managed by a community-led committee. View “Meet Our Farmers”